Friday, September 05, 2008

The True Gods are named Random Chance and Serendipity

The twin Gods that rule all things are Random Chance and Serendipity. They created the world and all of the rocks, plants and animals (yes people are just animals.)

They continue to actively guide all things.

All hail and honor them.


djinn said...

But what about the fungi, the bacteria, and the archaea? Don't they get their own deities? Hmmmph. I suspect they may already have them, but their names are too difficult to pronounce.

djinn said...

Besides, I think "Random Chance" is a silly name. Whatever happened to Loki? Or Chaos? Or even "Sally?" But, in all fairness, I think there should be a God, perhaps of beauty, named Marvin. Right on, brother.

geebee said...

Thank Marvin.