Wednesday, September 02, 2009

the lie in a reflection

It seems to me that what separates man from the rest of the beasts is not our ability to use tools, or speak, or even reason but our ability to lie to ourselves with our knowing it.

Some call it cognitive dissonance, most don't see it in themselves, but all do it.

It is so easy to see other peoples faults and strengths and so hard to see our own... I've know people who seemingly had such a bad understanding of self that when they spoke about their-self they seemed to be speaking about someone else and I wonderer how much like that I am.

I realize that I do not really know what I look like, yea I've seen pictures, video and reflections but when It comes down to it I've never seen me.

The same goes for the rest of me, sure I have the on going dialogue in my head of my thoughts that seems to reason out my actions and interactions but I wonder when people tell about me it often seems like they are talking about a different person. I wonder if I only ever really see just a reflection.