Saturday, April 20, 2013


Its 3:15 am in Miami Florida, Greyhound station, the only other patron here has 3 giant rolling suitcases. Greasy clothing and pony tail, loud whiny voice just screeched to the homeland security guard "you know I've been in prison, well I'm a very intelligent person" Next... the boat to Spain, but first, retrieve my bike (and some of my gear) which ended up in north Miami ... I'm so annoyed,

A gay witch, then a just released convict were my seat mates on the ride south

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

THe 42 nd street overpass

I stepped across the guardrail on the 42nd street bridge over Lombard street and the train tracks, leaving Ted and Molly to watch the bikes as i climbed down under the bridge to see what the situation was like at this the "traditional" spot to wait for a train, well at least according to Gudrik and his house mate... Ah Gudrik ... He helped on the Harvey house, then moved here, I called him just after i got to Portland and left a message, assuming this was him just returning the call, " I think I just saw you ride by on a bike" the serendipity Overload in Portland is giving me a brain ache... Running into Lali three times, the perfect bike and now Gudrik's housemate who rides freights into and out of Portland at least twice a year.

Down the embankment where Brandan, who introduced himself almost as many times as he asking me to not judge him and saying that he is in Portland for school... And his wife Dana camped/lived, he assured me that they were going into rehab Monday, and were staying here because the FBI raided their squat and they couldn't abandon their big white and black PittBull, Henry who they renamed after rescuing him from people who called him.

Brandan had on a red headlamp and was carefully handling a small silver cup with some goldish brown liquid, tamping it with a small plastic plunger from a small syringe. " this is the best place to wait for a train, to Chicago they come Tuesday or Wednesday between midnight and three. An Evergreen or "K"liner is what you want ,

He put the plunger into the syringe and pulled the liquid back up looked at it and gently put it back, tamped some more, " you can set up right here if you don't mind what is going on, but it's better up there." Dana pointed up to

He slowly drew it back into the syringe, put an elastic around his upper arm. There was one dark spot, a tiny tiny scab on top of the vein that bumped up, it looked exactly like my arm looked after the times I gave plasma. Dipped the needle back in the cup, slowly drew the contentment in it. Fine needle slowly into the dark mark, wait, push a little and wait, almost all the way... It seemed like he was paying attention to something that I could not perceive as he completed the process.

We talked a bit more, I expected him to get tired be I didn't notice any difference in his behavior talkative and a bit fidgety.

Ted had suggested that this 3 or so mile long siding was the perfect place... Gudrik and his friend pinpointed a spot.

I left them to go back and report to Ted and Molly, Brandon came up after me and introduced himself he was wearing long underwear as pants... That exposed .... You get the idea...and repeated the entire conversation again

Molly left, Ted and I took our bikes down and watched trains,

I didn't sleep much because I did not want to miss my train, but only west bounds came through.

Monday, April 15, 2013


I'm making progress probably Atlanta in the morning... I'll catch up later

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Truck stop

Before the 20 mile bike ride to this Truckstop I'm at, i went to Starbucks for wifi and power for my phone (GPS device) then stood at a on ramp for I-70 till Walmart pharmacy opened i needed blood pressure meds because the ones i had went AWAL at midnight in the Pocatello yard while i was changing train cars and staying out of sight ( thanks Cheri Farms for calling my prescription in)

On the ride, I came across the roar and whine of motorcycles and saw parked trucks dirt burms, motorcycles popping into the air. Racing.

Next Fields at forests and croaking frogs

Next the truck stop. First job, find a driver who would get on the radio to "call out"

Not from the train

Kansas City is the end of the rail line for me, hitching from here. Ate Gates bar-b-q , rode bike through east KC wany condemned and burnt out buildings, sure I saw a drug buy and a car chase, but also saw laughing Thai kids playing that foot only volley ball, Mexican families cooking in there front yards... Death and new life almost next door...Slept wild last night

Saturday, April 13, 2013

From a train

I'm somewhere in Wyoming, it hard to know exact location from a freight train I'm riding the unit at the back of the train.
(First didn't post the trains Internet is spotty :-)
I woke up some there in Kansas, thought I'd be in Chicago by now.

North platte was supposed to be 'hot" heard stories about dogs searching and "30 days" was like any other yard, I moved to the stack well traveled through the yard froze till morning then used two sidings to move back to my trailing unit

Friday, April 05, 2013