Monday, May 14, 2012


I left my house in Portland for what i thought was expediency, but in fact stupidity... not mutually exclusive concepts i know... and as a result every morning i do not know where i'm going to sleep the following evening. I also blame that decision for the change in my Face Book status. But every night I sleep well, tonight will be one of my first nights sleeping alone in some time, it will be in the treehouse. I'm sipping a tea for sleep, and will probably watch a movie on this tablet computer device in a moment. But I've been weighing getting a tattoo. Since I seem to always make the same errors in judgment I've been thinking that adopting some written rules of conduct, and printing them perminatly on my arm. The idea of coding the rules in picture form is probably not direct enough for me. Ask Listen Write down what was said then repeat it to what ever audance is appropriate... I know, not as sexy as a flying lion, Kali, or a compass rose... I'm going to collect my house next week