Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Day 1 Puerto Escondido

An airplane brought me here, but I don't know the name of this town I'm in, I ran across the empty beach, well down a way there were men cast net fishing in the surf, dropping clothes I almost couldn't feel the water except that it pushed and pulled really hard, trying to keep me on the sand.

In town there are street venders selling fresh caught fish and shrimp, shops selling farm tools and cooking burners and pans. Tonight's dinner at a Clayudaia was perfect, a Casodia like thing cooked on an open charcoal and wood fire with a BBQed slab of meet on top.

It feels like the third world, primitive and simple, but I know it's just conservative home to many people, but the hotel pool closes at 10:00.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Mexico City

Looking out my plane window as we climb out of LA I see vertical and horizontal white cement, tall things in grouped lines, low tangles of other bitty  specs, all white tones
Rich blue on the rightI and I think there was a pod of whales,I'm speculating of course, because there is no way for me to know what those white and grew blobs are. 

I know geography well enough to understand that the next time I look out the window, when the movie I'm watching on the seat mounted iPad like screen pauses and the Vegas like interior of the plane becomes apparent. I'm in modern space age Mexican space and time machine.  

Low flat w ring of mountains a vast city with specks of color everywhere, disorganized looking streets and buildings

Chinese, Korean and Spanish conversations going of all around are comforting, I have almost no expectation of being understood. The calmness and home that I last felt when hitch hiking,  

Manolos tacos, pastor ( beef and pork) stacked on a vertical spit like gyro lamb.  And a Leon cervesa.   

It's as as home as I know.