Thursday, August 28, 2008

Burning man

I'm writing from Black Rock City AKA
Burning man. The art is unbelieveable and personal expression
uninhibited, the libertarian dream. The only rules seem to be don't
hurt anyone or anything. And it works

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Slack line

After a few minutes of learning how to walk on a slack line I noticed
something kinda strange. Walking along balancing, I sometimes stick
one leg out just to the side of line, so I'm only standing on one leg,
kinda precarious, but it helps. Seem that when I'm starting to fall
to one side and shifting me arms to one side is not enough my body
knows that sticking my leg out will help. But my head does know what
is going on.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

a strange list, that needs to be shorter

Someone (no matter who) saying something does not make it so
  1. question everything and allow for any answer
  2. accept change
  3. Love everything you can
  4. hold onto nothing that does not want to be held onto (people, ideas, anything)
  5. discard all that is not needed
  6. learn what is real
  7. hold onto what is real and important
  8. understand stories for what they are
  9. see beauty
  10. don't get tied up in ego
  11. listen, especially to those who disagree with you
  12. share appropriately
  13. have no guru
  14. learn from others
  15. make mistakes
  16. enjoy mistakes
  17. have fun
  18. forgive (others and self)
  19. be honest with self
  20. understand things for what they are
  21. see people for who they are (not necessarily who they think or say they are)
  22. see self honestly (this might be the hardest to do)
  23. understand the difference between possible and probable
  24. question all feelings understand what is creating them
  25. question everything you know understand why you know it
  26. feelings just keep people controlled in society
  27. impose no should
  28. let others be what and who they are
  29. the only real experiences are the really good and the really bad
  30. People are more important than things
  31. Leave the world a better place for being there

I do not know who I am

I do not know what money is

I do not really know why the sun comes up or goes down

Other seem to think they know but I suspect they are naive.

feelings are interesting but ultimately are not trustworthy.
a. they motivate one towards things that one is biologically programmed for

b they motivate one towards things that one is culturally programmed for

If something seems too good to be true it probably is

Do not believe anyone who says trust me,

the phrase trust me really means shut up, stop thinking and accept what I say

Common sense is a misnomer

Be a skeptic

There is no new and original thought, just synthesis and mutation of what already exists

Science is a verb not a noun.

Humans are animals

Instinct or other programming motivates most of what humans do.

Humans need reasons

People do things for reasons

Most of the reasons are biological

People make up other reasons for doing things, but think their reason is true and correct

I would like to know who I am

I would like to know what is up

Thursday, August 14, 2008

ideas that i need to write down

if some one is taught an incorrect concept and is then tested on that concept and answers in accord with their teachings that does not make them stupid, just wrong.

if some one believes that something that is immoral is moral and acts on that belief it does not make them immoral. because the are acting in accord with their morality.

if some one has a bias that affects their actions but does not know that they have that bias, then acts in a way that reflects that bias it simply means that they do not know their biases not that they are necessary acting in a knowingly self serving manner especially if they believe that their actions are objectively correct. They are just wrong

Tree house in winter?

My grand plan was to make a tree house and live in it full time, year round. right now is is just about a perfect summertime abode, but to make in all season will require a full time roof and all walls complete... I wonder if that will make it a less perfect place... think think think

Friday, August 08, 2008

Tthe drunken monkey and the inner dog

Time to start telling the story that is floating around my head, not
so much a tale...more a telling.

The lie, that voice in your head that honestly thinks it knows what is
going on, the same one that tells you that you are too fat or skinny.
The same one that tells you that broccoli tastes bad ( or good for
that matter.) The Drunken Monkey

Now there is that voice that you can not hear that in fact controls
much of what you do. Some might call it instinct. I think of it as
The Inner Dog

Thursday, August 07, 2008

If tired

The sleeping loft

The second floor

Take the stairs

Enter here

Tree house

The tree house's three levels make for the perfect summertime retreat.
Winter will require a roof and windows