Friday, April 16, 2010


Since I can't drive two vehicles at the same time and I need to get another I hitchhiked down the mountian, it's a good feeling walking away from ones car placing trust in strangers with transport.

I flipped off the car that honked as they passed, and felt sorry for the fearful live of all those with room who gave me wide birth.

After an hour of walking down a car stopped and in it a kid who i gave a ride too a month earlier.

I'm on the bus now, and no one gets any carma for this ride, but I might lose some because I did not have to pay

The first crisis

At around age six I woke one night with a problem, where does it all end, or start 'cause it was the same thing, start, is there a wall, I envisioned brick, that goes up forever, then what is on the other side. My parents just told me to not think about it, so I didn't.

In the mission field I tried to not think about it, decided that thinking about it would get me nowhere, how could one stand to lose their family.

But later when my girlfriend asked I had to answer honestly. And now it is little but questions, and real answers.

I refuse

The sky looked bruised, but I had to watch,
It really doesn't get to chose what happens
And I think what I'm seeing means that tomorrow will be beautiful