Monday, September 22, 2008

June 1844

In 1844 June 1, Joseph Smith recorded in his Journal that he had a glass of beer at a tavern in Nauvoo.

If Joseph Smith would openly drink a beer in public and then record the event he must have seen it as a non event, this makes perfect sense because the Word of Wisdom recommends beer. Apparently Joseph enjoyed beer.


djinn said...

Mmmm. Beeery. God gave us beer to make us happy, I believe that is an accurate misquote of Ben Franklin, or possibly something i saw on a t-shirt out here in beervana, otherwise known as Portland,

djinn said...

But George Albert Smith was not down with the whole Beer thing, and later revelation trumps earlier revelation. Put the Guiness down and no one gets hurt, they just double their chance of heart attacks, and don't ever get to experience the warm glow of beer goggles. OK, they do get hurt. But there's always Prozac. Unmentioned in the WoW. As is Cocaine.

james said...

But the cannon says that beer is good...yes today the leaders say it is bad...they are wrong