Friday, September 19, 2008

International talk like a Pirate Day

In honor of International talk like a Pirate Day I'm enjoying a
PBrrrr, the beverage of choice for Pirates everywhere. Which happens
to also be an example of the only beverage recomended by the dietary
code of the Mormon church.

See a little known fact is that Joseph Smith was a Pirate... Think
about it look at his clothes...he dug for gold... Well a land pirate.


Geo said...

Well, I thought I was a pirate, since I descended from the rascally Sparrow line, but I guess there's been too much nice guy blood mixed in along the way—'cause I can't for the life of me figger out what a PBrrrr is. Sounds like I ought to know. Please enlighten.

james said...

PBR is Pabst Blue Ribbon, maybe I should've spelled it PBarggghhh

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, that makes so much sense, that JSmith was a land pirate.

The first time I saw that Seinfeld episode where Jerry wears the pirate shirt, I thought, "That looks like Joseph Smith!"

Niiiice. Argh.

djinn said...

You forgot to mention Wenches! He was a wench magnet or something along those lines...... took them at gunpoint or bookpoint (do books have points?, well, yes, and exactly the sort I am talking about ..... ) tee hee.