Monday, May 12, 2008


My brother Rick emailed me a link from a random website he happened upon, that led to this picture, taken by a stranger.. I did not know that it was taken when it happened, but I am so proud

I remember standing on “the soapbox” once... people were fomenting about how "the Constitution says we have the right to have any gun we want" I got up and complained that I was not allowed to have large artillery like an M-60 Patton Tank, that the Constitution says it is my right... I stopped short of saying I wanted a personal nuke... I mean really, I’d only use it responsibly, for personal defense.

anyway, I was busy being a pirate.

But I’m not a full time Pirate, those are my aspirations, Once again I want to get on the road… just heard about two guys who took a bus to Baghdad, a friend called to ask about New Zealand, she’s going there for a month, and other friends are in Eritrea, Dubai, Korea, Cambodia, Butan …I’m so jealous I want I want I want…and why not…

…SO yes me mattie I am the pirate, and I can’t let this slander persist. I don’t haunt that land lubbers fiasco in the land called Disney…years ago...word came to me of pirates in California and I went looking... , no pirates, then I heard about Pirates in this land of Disney and set sail, but alas…they are not real pirates, people in costume and puppets. Argh… I wanted to vent my rage at the offence and pillage away but there where children... I pillaged at the Venice beach instead.

And one more thing, yes I wear the vestments of FSM and worship the flying spaghetti monster, but that does not make me any less a pirate, all true pirates believe.

A couple of weeks ago I did get/have to hitchhike 10 or so miles in southern Utah near Zion. I love it thumb out at the mercy of strangers. Alone on the road, but my little secret? I had on $600 shoes and $400 jeans and am yet still a Bum.

If that's not pirate then I don't know what pirate is.

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Anonymous said...

wow james, you're pretty amazing
-your favorite niece