Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Money is a counterfeit concept

I do not believe in money any more than money believes in me. Yes a silly statement; but money is so taken for something other than what it is, that silly statements are called for.

Wage is money given in exchange for work done. How much money one receives in exchange for said work is only related to the perceived value of that work and that perceived value is influenced by supply and demand and the persuasive power of either the wage earner or the wage giver. So how much money one gets in exchange for said or set work is only really related to bargaining power. So wage is really mainly related to bargain or persuasive power.

Value of any object is arbitrary and set by the perceived value to the buyer and the seller and is nearly infinitely variable as the surrounding variables change. A talented bargainer can often get what he wants for less than what it cost to produce said item. And sellers often extract hundreds or even thousands of times actual cost to produce and transport.

Value is always simply a perceived commodity. and value can usually be manipulated by a skilled buyer or seller.

So the relationship of money as a medium that society has agreed upon to represent the value of work or objects is a counterfeit concept.

The only relevant elements are the perception and power of the individual in relation to things or work and money.

My own personal relationship with money is problematic because I think that people are more important than things and that money is just barely a thing

When one spends money one should weigh the value of the thing purchased against the proportional relationship between the money available in the moment and the immediate foreseeable future, and ones needs in relation to ones surroundings.

Should I gloss that further? Maybe later


Antoaneta said...

Well, I definitely worth more than what I'm paid but what I do is worthing less, as for the things I buy...God knows. I praise experiences far more than objects. Experiences including people, animals, plants, blue skies, clear water, but somehow I had to pay to have them. In time, in pain or different currencies.

Richard said...

Money is the faulty default. America as a whole seems to equate human value and "smarts" with one's ability to achieve, at the expense of everything else, excessive monetary gain (scratching my head).

Realistically, money is a modern neccesary means to an end, but the paper currency, which is a modern representation of value (blast those Florentines), is just another means for an individual to assert selfishness over another.

Might those Lyons be all skeptics...

p.s. may I borrow a few shillings for that beautiful work of art in the photo. Who doesn't like to gaze at a Triumph after all.

djinn said...

But very very useful. Fiat currency (fancy name for a countries money not backed by any underlying thing, such as gold) makes the world go around. The modern world exists only because of such very very clever fictions.

Gritty Pretty said...

$400 jeans? Yikes! you've always been a good dresser, cashmere, patagonia...but $400 jeans? when will i get to see them?

p.s. money sucks.

james said...

I agree that money is useful... Probably should put it.. I do not believe in money like I do not believe in George Bush.

djinn said...

A perhaps germane video


I don't believe in Magic
I don't belive in Jesus
I don't believe in Yoko
I don't believe in Kings
I don't belive in Elvis
I don't believe in John
I don't believe in Beatles
The dream is over.....

"(pendant) ps. It was the French, I believe, who gave us paper currency; though we can blame double-entry bookkeeping on those silly florentines (/pendant)"

Leoma said...

Good post.