Thursday, December 19, 2013

My feet get cold every day, even when it is not that cold out, today i realized that water is leaking into my waterproof Sorel Caribous, there is a tiny hole in the burly rubber sole. I think i can find it if i fill the boot with hot water then look at the sole with a thermo imaging camera… i ruled out filling up the boot with compressed air and looking for bubbles, filling the boot with colored water and careful looking.
… rain and snow. i need to go skiing

ill just have an enlightened brownie at Enlighten Cafe provo utah


RETA said...

A super idea . . . stop and eat a brownie . . . time to pause and ponder your approach to the leaky boot. I hope you find the leak - and that it can be repaired! Warm and dry feet are one of the greatest pleasures in life!


Tylar Roberson said...

whats your number its tylar.