Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The trap

Sitting in a hammock after eating lunch at a long table under a tree after taking down a circus tent, after a night in a caravan, after a day of working on a small sail boat after my last night at Pius's place... Hamid asked if I want a beer, I don't think a day has gone by while I've been in Geneva that someone hasn't offered me a drink. Yesterday it was three beers by three different people, two offers of dinner and two offers of a place to stay, oh and I had to turn down a game of pitonque

Natacha and Adrian say I'm like a rainbow or a unicorn. Tony asked if I would travel with him to find a spot to set up an intentional community.  It feels like home, but knowingly temporary home... The sun just made its way out from around my nest of trees and Hamid just handed me a Calvinus blanche I think I'll adjust my perch.

 Jeremy gave me a bike, the Bike Switzerland guys ( if you want a nice bike tour these are the guys to see) helped me out with safety equipment... My path seems like to be full of only opportunities.

But which direction to ride, Italy, Germany, Switzerland?

Two weeks of work fell in my lap,

They say this place holds people

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