Thursday, May 23, 2013

Up to date travel recap

I must've fallen asleep, didn't feel like I slept but I was tired and the wait didn't feel very long before we started moving again... Through the yard and we kept moving...

But this was just going to be me catching up with the travel recap...

I'm the tale of the train moving while I'm moving back to the unit and having to get on the moving train and crawl along the side of the car.

Off the train in Kansas city, yea not Chicago, sleeping in a ravine behind a house, riding 20 miles to a truck... stop getting kicked out of two separate truck stops

Three rides in cars

Picked up by a truck that took me to Atlanta, one night in the truck

One hitch ride, spent the night at new friends house, they gave me a ride to the other side of Atlanta, 40 mile bike ride because that spot was impossible to hitch out of, ride on truck to lake city Florida.

Two days until boat so I bought a bus ticket to Miami.

One night in Jacksonville where I met some nice people and was even hosted for the night by a very nice person that I met

So after a night in the bus station learning that greyhound lost my gear trying to find my gear I walked to the boat, stopping on the way to buy a scarf.

11 days in the Vegas like luxury of shows, pools, buffets, restaurants dancing and sun of the cruise ship ( not to mention one day of motion sickness)

I took as much food from the cruise ship as I could pack, bread cheese, salami and apples.

Barcelona, a night in a hostel after my CouchSurfing hookup didn't pan out, metro out of town to a freeway on ramp. I got information about where to hitch out of from the desk clerk at the hostel.

All day waiting then three rides up into the mountains, a night in the hills,

A ride to the next town walked across town a different road caught a ride to a main freeway, but I had to walk through a big field, through a big culvert under train tracks, jumped a fence to a gas station on the main free way

Ride with a trucker to Lion.

Ride to airport train to Geneva...where I'm staying with Atali.

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