Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The U.S. already has rationed health care

I'm upset that there are not more people yelling about the ethical offenses being committed by the America health care industrial complex.

We have great doctors and hospitals, arguable the best in that world. The problem is with the gate keeper to those resources.

Stories being circulated about health care rationing in Canada and England are out right lies yet they get repeated over and over, even on the floor of congress.

They are trying to scare us all into believing that governments ration health care when in fact the people rationing health care are insurance companies.

Insurance companies are businesses, and like all business in the world their purpose is to make money. If you can't afford a car you don't buy it or if you buy a car that is too expensive you lose it. But with health care if you can't afford it you die...

Business has the responsibility to make money and that goal is anathema to health care's responsibility of health.

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