Sunday, July 26, 2009

Every one is a drug addict Even you who think you do not think you have felt their effects

Yes, even you teetotalers. You see everyone's body produces a wide variety of drugs, pretty much any drug that gets people high is also produced by the human body. The body uses them to itself to do evolutionary beneficial things. Emotional responses are a result of internally manufactured drugs.


lu said...

...and they are real. Not easily controlled and largely responsible for our state of being. And like drugs, emotions are tricky and can cause you to make fucked up decisions To ignore them is one of those fucked up decisions--it's ignorant and dishonest.

james said...

I agree that emotions should not be ignored, and one can not. But one should not chase their emotion around, emotions give all kinds of dangerouse advice. Emotion has to be ballanced with reason.

But my point is that the feelings we experience as emotion are the result of drugs that our bodies make. The feelings come from inside. And that people take drugs to feel the same way that emotions make Them feel. But drugs do it with out the hassel of actual life.

lu said...

we don't disagree and I only intended to add to your point- not to disagree.

balance is indeed important. Although studies show that long term happiness with decisions more often comes from decisions based on emotional response than rational responses. What we predict will be a better option based on careful reasoning is often wrong, the thing we feel most drawn to is often the thing we will be happy with the longest. But, that strays from the subject.

I just read an article in the Times sunday magazine that looked at a study of how the brain effects fatigue--did you see it?

I'm gonna start swishing.

P.S. I think you run into a problem with the drugs when they start fucking with the bodies natural pharmacy. Depends on what you take, why you take it much...

Gotta be careful with the chemicals.

djinn said...

Drugs (external) hijack pathways used by drugs (internal.) That's why they work. And why some of them are truly evil: e.g., a body can become so habituated to massive amounts of a substance that it assumes to be natural that a normal feeling, such as happiness, can dissappear without the uber-stimulus of the drug.

Stay away, kiddos.