Saturday, November 01, 2008

Prop 8 in California and polygamy

History... to remember the past and learn is such a rare thing.

In the fairly recent past, Mormons lost their right to marry who they chose to marry. This was a tragedy that destroyed many families. Now it seems that Mormons want to do this to another group of people, and destroy their families too.

There seems to be much fear around Prop 8. But it also seems that all of the fear is unfounded. All of the "factual" arguments given by the pro prop 8 crowd are totally bogus. What they fear is not going to happen, isn't, California law already protects them.

Ignorant Homophobes and Mormons (two separate groups) seem to be supporting this issue.

The first groups motives seem to be clear, but the second? I wonder if Mormon authorities are afraid that after gay marriage, polygamy will follow, and since there are revelations that say that Mormons have to do it, and no revelations that says that they shouldn't, only those that say to follow the law of the land, that Mormons will have to be polygamist again.


djinn said...

My personal conspiracy theory, well, my other conspiracy theory (seconding yours) is that the Mormons are trying to make nicey nicey with the Evangelists (see! We hate the same people as you! That makes us, uh, friends?") to give Romney a boost for his possible run for president in 2012. That, or they just hate teh gey.

djinn said...

I found, and should have saved, a comments on mormonsformarriage, about teens in "Yes on 8" families sneaking out at night and taking down the family "Yes on 8" signs. Tee hee. I think a huge generational shift has already happened, and the Mormon church just hasn't noticed.

djinn said...

Oh, and you have simply GOT TO watch iggy pop and david bowie on some daytime tv show in 1977. On my blog.

"This ain't rock and roll, this is Genocide!"

The other iggy clip's pretty astonishing too.

djinn said...

Check this out, I posted the original study at

djinn said...

I have thought of a healing gesture. The Mormon church, in its official statement said that it is for some rather important rights for same sex couples. However, these rights were explicitly denied to same sex couples in 2004 in Prop. 3, --with the official backing of the Mormon church -- which prevents other relationships from being "recognized as a marriage or given the same or substantially equivalent legal effect."
Now that the official Mormon church has softened its stand, I say Prop 3 should be repealed and replaced with " rights for same-sex couples regarding hospitalization and medical care, fair housing and employment rights, or probate rights." [From the official Mormon response to Prop. 8.]
It would all same sex couples some protection, the Mormon church should back it, and it would increase good feelings all around, as positive action to make actual people's lives better.

Pass it around. Let's get prop. 3 repealed.