Thursday, November 27, 2008

2+2=5 for large values of 2


lu said...

my kind of math.

I stumbled here, and I'm ever curious as to the logistics of your movement.

I'd love to hear stories about your decision to travel, why alone, where you hope to end up, if that is even a concern, how you make it work.

by the by--I like the house on the back of the truck, or the trailer. I agree with the others that the van carries too much ick factor.

james said...

that does seem to be what this blog is supposed to be about

lu said...

This morning I woke up enough to see the archive-I look forward to reading more.

What a fearless life you lead. There was a time when I was certain I'd live a nomad's life. Then gridlock kicked in and my world became keeping house. It seems impossible to be fearless now.

Vicarious fearlessness brings so much wanting back toward the surface.

Rachel G said...

What!?! I wanted more of a post than that! You said to read your blog, so I have been checking in...nothing, nothing, nothing. finally there is something, but it is tiny! What else????
It is my kind of math too though. I don't think I can sub in LA, cause I have to take a test, and the math on the practice test was too hard for me. I can't remember it at all! (and obviously I've been doing just fine without it)!