Sunday, April 14, 2013

Truck stop

Before the 20 mile bike ride to this Truckstop I'm at, i went to Starbucks for wifi and power for my phone (GPS device) then stood at a on ramp for I-70 till Walmart pharmacy opened i needed blood pressure meds because the ones i had went AWAL at midnight in the Pocatello yard while i was changing train cars and staying out of sight ( thanks Cheri Farms for calling my prescription in)

On the ride, I came across the roar and whine of motorcycles and saw parked trucks dirt burms, motorcycles popping into the air. Racing.

Next Fields at forests and croaking frogs

Next the truck stop. First job, find a driver who would get on the radio to "call out"

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Urban Harvester said...

Is your bike hitching with you?