Monday, March 18, 2013

a poem

a Text from a friend

This is a poem for you James : 

Here we rest, together. 
Beyond form perceived, forever. 
Let not a thought give rise to fear. 
Let me not into that space to judge, for you have released me, my dear. 
The world shall never deceive me, for we have accepted our treasure beyond perceived pleasure, and no form we cannot leave. 
What dream is it you have?
Swirling intent, questioned lament, loving descent, do you see the moment's end?
You do ask what I see, 
I cannot say, shall I be deceived?
I said I would not, 
Do I judge what is not there now?
I am perceiving in a dream here, 
Will you help me let go of the form I have received now from my hidden intention?
In silent moment of acceptance, past gone, future reflected, light without evil, without good, without the world, within light, the only Delight beyond earthly sight. 

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