Friday, August 13, 2010

a christmas swim

Amy I were crashing a fancy corporate Christmas party at the Provo Park Hotel , we’d heard that it was going to be a formal yet “wild “event... fancy was tuxedo print tee shirts and floral dresses. And wild... an MC telling office stories... As we were leaving with a load of mangos and pineapples from the center pieces we passed a sign “pool 3rd floor”…. We detoured

Found a door marked weight room and pool, it was locked ... a janitor walked by and I muttered “Damn it I left the key with John and Becky” the janitor opened to door and we walked in behind him, he checked the trash and left.

Beyond the empty weight room was another door then the pool and hot tub, a woman was just drying off. When the two of us were alone we fully undressed and got in the hot tub . After a few minutes Amy pointed to the far wall and a small camera.

We both got up and dove into the pool swam a couple of laps and got out.

While we were drying off and getting dressed a man and a woman in hotel uniforms came through the door.

“uh, did you see the camera?”


“we do not allow that here”

They left just ahead of us.

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