Monday, May 10, 2010


like most things in my life i did not plan my first freight train trip, it just sort of happened. A guy tapped me on a the shoulder and said "I understand that you ride trains" some one had told him that I would hop a freight and he took that to mean that I had experience. A week later i learned that cardboard is a better sleeping mat then a thermarest, or at least that was what i was thinking as I watched my thermarest blow off a train.

That trip didn't change my life but it did give me new things to look at and think about. A homeless man who told me that if others knew how great his life was they would quit their jobs and live like him. A couple walked out of a restaurant and gave me a meal, i wasn't asking or even hungry. A train crew man warned me the i needed to be careful and not get beaten up the FTRA.

on and on but mostly i realized that i was an Anthropologist.

all good things in my life are accidents that i chose to embrace

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with coffee & a pen said...

i am jealous. keep going.