Sunday, January 10, 2010

a 12 step program to overcome

1 Know that you are likely blind to your own strengths and weaknesses and that the way that you see yourself is probably not fully accurate

2 Understand that you can never fully understand yourself but that you can be happy and healthy

3 Accept input about who you are and what you do and understand that others opinions are always helpful even if they are critical or even wrong

4 Make a searching and fearless personal inventory

5 See that your feelings and emotions are internally generated

6 Accept that you are a Human Animal and that being a Human Animal is good

7 Humbly accept who you are

8 Make a list of elements of who you are

9 Burn that list because it might be right but it is most likely it isn’t. Self knowledge is nearly impossible

10 Continue to take personal inventory

11 Use logic and reason to understand the world you live in

12 Be happy


lu said...

You must be frustrated.

james said...

why must I be frustrated?

lu said...

I suppose you mustn't be frustrated...
Seems such to me, but I've no real context from which to draw.

So the twelve steps to over come, the plea for sanity... all of it chalks up to practice in irony. Period.


no, wait, I don't know,
and you don't know
so it is what is or what I thought it was then, or
I guess it's just nothing in the middle of nothingness
because that is the key to peace. See
nothing as anything and everything as not as it seems or what it was or what it might be...

something or nothing like that.