Saturday, October 31, 2009

i just want to be happy

I was walking down the road and and didn’t help the old man take the chains off his car... you see I did not want to force him into reciprocating the kindness, next time I help... and not let this worry prevent me from making the world a better place, and me happier... It’s strange but I’ve been suffering from the regret of not helping, of not making my world better... It is my goal to embrace all things that make me happy and pass by those things that don’t. This is not always easy to figure out since the me I’m trying to make happy is so big.


lu said...

If you have to think about it so much I don't think it's happiness, only an attempt to create it.

It is not natural, nor healthy to be happy all the time.

I want others to be happy, I want to make the world better, but that is only gonna happen when it's not an effort.

just be you. You make people happy because you are you, not because you help, or say or do things they want you to say,

happiness is over-rated.

be aware. be kind, be healthy. be true.

james said...

but I think about everything so much, and it has more to do with accepting happiness than trying to create it.

being happy is the only way to be healthy,

happiness is not over rated 'cause it is the only thing there is

james said...

I like to help people because it makes me happy, not because it makes them happy. I just hope it makes them happy too, and if i know that whatever the action is not going to make them happy then I try not to do it, but ultimately it has to do with how I feel about the situation. I am not a masochist, or martyr but a Epicurean Hedonist.

lu said...
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lu said...

You forget the yin and yang.

too much thinking, baby. just love.

you don't have to try.

Happy all the time means one is not in touch with reality.

Dark and light
male and female
light and heavy

i want happy too.
sometimes I feel happy
sometimes, I feel misery

I understand doing for others making you happy
I live by that.

but still, I gets the blues.
I"m not happy in this moment
I know that it's not permanent,
even if it feels like It's never going to end.
But now, I have the fortune of feeling the truth.
Can't spin and fairy tale,
wash a window.
feed a hobo
to wash what is real away.

i don't believe you are a hedonist, of any sort.
epicurian, yes,
hedonistic No! (this is why I deleted, I mistakenly wrote yes.)

but I don't believe you have a hedonistic your heart. you are not that self indulgent.

That, my love is a good thing.

lu said...
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james said...

But one does not shoot for sadness, yes it happens, but it should never be the goal nor should it really be put up with long term, true one can not know happiness without sadness.

far more damage is done by lack of thought than too much, true over thinking things is not healthy...

and no I'm an Epicurean Hedonist,(not a hedonist) and proud of it... I seek out pleasure, not at the expense of other...but pleasure is the goal

being sad is far more work than being happy

lu said...

you are right, no one shoots for sadness. But it happen. sometimes it hangs around, lifts and lowers itself.

Too much thought happens. Too little thought happens all in the same moment - by the same person. What we do that makes one person happy, might make someone else sad.

Helping someone change a tire, is a no brainer. Ease an easy burden.
make for happiness in a moment on the road, doesn't mean it lasts. It can't. He'll go home and the dog will have messed on the carpet, and the dishes are piled in the sink, and the bills need paid, but there is no money...

You can't fix that.

all I'm saying is we do what we can.

we all think too much about what we think is vital

we all think too little about what we want to avoid.

so the effort of it all, the thinking we know what is best for ourselves and others is a trap.

We live,
we breath
we feel
we react.

no amount knowledge will save us from out feelings. They happen. no matter how we try to warp and weave round them.

It isn't really an arguement
It's not about you
It's not about me
It's not about any one being

It is about being.

Ted said...

Meet me at Brigham Young's grave, 7pm. (A St between State St and 1st Ave). Rebekka will be there too.

for now said...

I really admire how honest this is, especially the last line, "This is not always easy to figure out since the me I’m trying to make happy is so big." Quite lovely, I hope you can find what you are looking for.

.she writes ugly. said...

"People who have tried it, tell me that a clear conscience makes you very happy and contented; but a full stomach does the business quite as well, and is cheaper, and more easily obtained."

- Jerome K. Jerome

Anonymous said...

I think it is an American thing, being so obsessed with happyness. I think we first created the whole idea of it as a goal to be pursued. Most cultures I think see life as pain, so happy moments are rare and to be treasured, not the default. Anyone who say otherwise is selling something.
-katie o.

james said...

where as I think that everybody "just wants to be happy" and makes choices that are ultimately based in that reality it's just that they have an counter productive concept of what it is that they are trying to obtain.