Monday, March 09, 2009


Not as warm as I wish,
but blood oranges wild from the neighbors yard
cinnamon toast
Black tea

but I want to swim in the ocean


lu said...

one of my favorite memories of my short time in California was a Visit to the Huntington Garden. I was with a boy who reminds me of you; wild and open and willing to try anything. I was the same girl I am today, I wanted so badly to be wild, but I was afraid. He took oranges from a tree in the gardens and I was afraid we were breaking some crazy law, I can't imagine why it scared me so much. He laughed at me, said I was funny.

GrittyPretty said...

james, where are you? i just saw you and your fine jeans for one brief second.

Rachel G said...

We had the most glorious time, didn't we!! I will send you a picture of the orange tree. Thank you thank you thank you for coming to play (and get that beer that you came for, but then ended up leaving cause you got it for me)!
I have been spoiled!!