Monday, December 22, 2008

Money is a universally accepted fiction or 2+2= anything you want, if you can dictate the value of 2

Not believing in money confuses people, but I wonder how people believe. Yes it is clear that that we all have to use it but believe?

   See if two people can and do the same exact same work but receive different amounts of money, then work is not the key element.  And if two people can buy the same object for two different prices with the possibility of one of the prices being something other than money, then it clear that money is not the key to getting the object.  

Is money a surrogate for barter?  In a barter system the bargaining power of all the players is crucially important.  In 2006 a man traded a red paperclip for a fish shaped pen then thirteen trades later  for a house. a lot of value sure came from somewhere.

money is interesting and convenient but really nothing more than a way to turn bargaining skill into an easily transacted commodity.

In other words money is a representation of bargaining skill or power.  Work, skill, time, looks, things, even ideas can all be used as bargaining chits but really all of the value is determined by the people making the deals.  Nothing has any value except in relationship to something else.  That reckoning of value is controlled by the player with the most skill.  This applies to everything relating to money.



lu said...

When I was in the 5th grade I asked the teacher why we had to have money. I think this was the first time I'd ever questioned the status quo. I couldn't wrap my head around what seemed to be an arbitrary and divisive nature of wealth. I couldn't grasp why our neighbor who sold over-priced furniture would make more money than my father who was on call day in and day out keeping computers in hospitals and banks going. My teacher didn't really have any answers. It was about the same time that I was learning about socialism and communism.

I don’t' know anything about it except that I wish I had more in order to make the logistics of what I want in life easier. As for bartering ~ I'd be awful at it.

lu said...

Hey James,
Explain; maybe illustrate a bit more, I'm not clear about your ideas about dictating the value of 2. Is it about the power of persuasion?

tam said...

careful James, or no one's going to want to trade with you! ;)
I like dictating the value of anything and everything. But I stink at bartering.