Thursday, June 26, 2008

New York

yesterday I played whiffle ball with Adam and Eve, and Mitt Romney's son. The day before I went surfing and saw Hamlet in Central park. Today I ran into Becca Mae's sister Debbie, she gave me a hug then a slice of Pizza.

and then there are these two

Yes they both dressed themselves, too bad you can't see Eva's back pack, it's just her teddy bear tucked in her jacket oh yea her jacket has wings.

So Mara's friend Aaron was scribbling with a crayon and Mara turned to Lisa and said with a disapproving grin "that looks like Jackson Pollock"

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djinn said...

I am so buying them clothes. They remind me of myself, only waaaaay coooooooler. (extra vowels counts dontcha know?) Do random Jaded New Yorkers stop them and ask about their fashion sense?

Could you ask Lisa if I could post this on my own (rather pathetic) blog? 'cause I really want to be koool, too?